Bandon War Memorial Committee


    Following many discussions at meetings, it was decided for future ceremonies a suitable banner should be carried to enhance the organisation and its stature.  The banner is two sided, identical front and back, suspended and flown between thwo poles. On a background of St. Patrick's blue trimmed with gold rope braid and tassels, it has five gold embroidered crests. In the centre is the Bandon Coat of Arms under scrolled with Bandon War Memorial Committee entwined with green leafed shamrocks. In the corner squares are the emblems of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, Dublin Fusiliers, Irish Rifles, and Connaught Rangers one in each corner. The cost of this well admired banner was raised from local flag days and generous donations from the people of Bandon. 

On behalf of the committee we thank all the people of Bandon for their support both financial and otherwise in the past and in the future.-Michael Doyle, Chairman.