The stone is situated in front of the local offices of Cork Co Council in Bandon. This is the site of the old railway station on the Bandon to Cork road. It was erected in Feb. 1996 by J.Hickey Monumental Works Ltd., Aherla, Co.Cork.  The site was landscaped and planted by committee members under the supervision of the late Town Commissioner and Committee member Mr. John Holland.  Shrubs and flowers were planted and is presently maintained by Mr Donald Wood also a member. On the 11th Oct. 1996 we tragically lost our vice-chairman John Holland in an industrial accident. To us John was a dear friend and colleague; we miss his wit and above all, his expertise. We are glad that his father Vincent (present Vice-Chairman) and his uncle Jerry are on the committee and continue the work that John was so proud of. In Nov. 1996, a tree planting ceremony, with the clergy of all the Christian churches led the gathered assembly in prayers. The tree acts as a symbolic living element to the Memorial site. Mr. Rickard Lloyd donated a young evergreen oak tree. 

This Remembrance Ceremony is held annually in November, with full community participation. As a result of this project, a representation was invited on "A Journey Of Reconciliation" to the Somme in France on 11th Nov. 1996. The event was to be a united act of remembrance of those conflicts and also an opportunity to pledge for peace on this island of Ireland. It was organised by Mr. Paddy Harte T.D. and Glenn Barr of the Ebrington Centre, Waterside, Londonderry. As a cross community and cross border event bringing traditions together on this island through shared experience. This was supported by the Ireland Fund and is intended to become an annual event. The Bandon committee has made a donation to the organisers as a contribution to their endeavours. (Click here for printable version)

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