On the southern edge of the Peace Park at Messines Ridge south of Ypres [Ieper] stands a Celtic Cross on a rock formation of a ring or fairy fort of ancient Ireland.

    This Cross originated in Bandon, commissioned by Barry Ellis and David Sheehan, dedicated committee members, sponsored by local building contractor and undertaker Stanley Bolster and crafted by Damien O'Brien. Attached to the centre and top of it are two brass plates. Inscribed on top  "Presented by Bandon War Memorial Committee" and on the centre, a verse of a poem by a Bandon soldier Cpl. F. Buckley written at the battlefront before he died.  During the August 1998 tour to Flanders this beautiful mahogany cross was presented by then Chairman of Bandon War Memorial Committee Andrew Coleman to Tony Crowe a trustee of the Peace Park project. (Click here for printable version)

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August 1998: Site of Round Tower, Messines. Formal handing over on site of Celtic Cross by Committee Members which has since been erected there.


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