The Bandon War Memorial Committee was founded in Bandon Co Cork in September 1995, whose sole aim was the erection of a memorial stone to the memory of those who fought and those who died in both World Wars from the Bandon area. At that initial stage a total of seventy-four people who had died in the First World War  were identified from the local area of Bandon. The inaugural meeting of the committee took place in the Munster Arms Hotel in September 1995 .The Officers having been elected, a bank account opened and through generous voluntary contributions, the target for the erection of the stone was reached by December 1995.

The committee had sought, and by early January, had been granted permission to erect its memorial stone on the council's green area in front of the local offices of Cork Co. Council. This was the site of the old railway station, it was from here that many departed for the wars and some never to return. In February 1996 the memorial stone was erected on the approved site. During the spring and summer the surrounding site was landscaped and shrubs were planted.

On Sunday the 3rd of November 1996, a tree planting ceremony took place at the Memorial site. The clergy from all the main Christian churches in Bandon led the gathered assembly in prayers for remembrance and for peace. A young evergreen oak tree was planted by the church representatives and by the Honorary President of the committee as a symbolic living element to the Memorial site. This date, the first Sunday of Nov., was to become an annual remembrance event at the Memorial in Bandon, subsequently moved to Rememberance Sunday (2nd Sunday in Nov.)          (Click here for Printable Version)
From left to right, George V. Duke; Peter Jeffers (Westside Evangilical Church); Rev. John Dowse (Methodist Church); Rev John Faris (Presbyterian Church); Fr. Martin O'Driscoll (R.C.); Canon Michael Burrows (C. of I.) 
What was World War I? by Billy Good (Click to Read)

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