jJourney Of Rememberance

Walks in the Footsteps of


Published by the committee 31st March 2005


We the Bandon War Memorial Committee are publishing this book, on behalf of and for the benefit of the people of Bandon and Co.Cork, who might wish to make this Journey of Remembrance, to visit the graves and the last known places of their relatives and loved ones lost in both the First and Second World Wars.

We would hope that the information and maps included in this book and the way that we have segregated the various locations into suggested itineraries will be of benefit, so that anyone wishing to visit these areas, will find it easier to locate the places listed.

We have listed the names into the main areas of Flanders in Belgium, the Somme in France, the majority of the names listed lie in the locations of the battlefields of Flanders and the Somme. Other European countries including Gallipoli,- Dardanelles, Middle-East, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, England and Bandon and surrounding area. Finally there is a seperate listing for those lost in the Second World War.




Follow the road from Wytshaete, places of interest are the Belvedare Hotel and Tower, where you can get tea or coffee, snacks or a meal during the summer season .The tower was used as a lookout during WW1 ; you can climb to the top for a small fee . From the hotel carry on the hill and you will reach the French Memorial, at the top of the hill is the French National Cemetery. To reach these places follow the road to the left at the statue of the Gapping Boy in the middle of Kemmel

Situated north east of Kemmell village. It is here that Bandon's youngest casualty of war is buried at the age of just 17 .

Private John O'Donoghue 7704

6th Bn. Connaught Rangers

Died 8th February 1917

Grave Reference: L. 18



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